2017 Ford Super Duty near Vauxhall, NJ

2017 Ford Super Duty

2017 Ford Super Duty near Union, NJ

We've engineered the 2017 Ford Super Duty to be the toughest, hardest working, most capable heavy-duty pickup we've ever built. We began by slashing weight with an all-new high-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloy body. We then reinvested some of that weight savings where it counts the most in a work truck — stronger axles, beefier steering and chassis components, and an all-new fully boxed frame built of over 95 percent high-strength steel. The result is a pickup that's stronger than ever before, yet up to 350 pounds lighter, delivering class-leading* payload and towing capability.

Fully Boxed High-Strength Steel Frame

The all-new fully boxed frame is built of over 95 percent high-strength steel with up to ten crossmembers. It's 24 times stiffer than the previous frame. The frame is designed to minimize flexing and twisting while maximizing strength and torsional rigidity and helps Super Duty achieve the highest payload and tow ratings in its class

Upgraded Suspension and Steering

2017 Super Duty® is engineered with stronger-than-ever frame and axles for superior load-carrying capability. The suspension and steering components are also stronger, to deliver the responsiveness and control you need while hauling or towing huge loads on the road or at the job site. And the springs are specifically designed to work with the new frame and take advantage of the lighter aluminum alloy body.

Engineered for the Extremes

We evaluated the new Super Duty® on computers and dynamometers in the lab, then tested it at the proving grounds and on public roads and highways at temperatures from -20 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. We conducted thermal shocks that swung ambient temperature 250 degrees Fahrenheit in under two minutes, as well as powertrain tests that replicated going up a six-degree grade over 500 miles. We subjected Super Duty to four-post frame twists, gravel, dust, water, salt brine, mud baths and even intentionally tested with worn or broken parts. We're talking here about extreme conditions that often went far beyond what you would likely encounter on your toughest of jobs.

Class-Exclusive Trailer Reverse Guidance

A huge difficulty facing drivers while maneuvering larger trailers can be summed up in one word. Visibility. Enter the new available class-exclusive Trailer Reverse Guidance. With cameras in the sideview mirrors, visual guides are displayed in the center dash screen. You get an enhanced rear view of where the trailer is going, with the guidelines changing with the movements of the steering wheel. The camera view is digitally expanded on the side where the trailer is going, showing the direction of both the truck and the trailer. Also available is a customer-placed camera option you can mount at the rear of the trailer. Now, one difficult task on the job isn't nearly so difficult anymore.

Larger Fuel Tanks

2017 Super Duty® has larger fuel tanks. Now factor in the higher-than-ever fuel economy of both the 6.2L gas V8 and the Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel V8. Not having to stop to fill up as often means more productivity on the job.

Ford TorqShift® SelectShift® 6-Speed Automatic

The Ford TorqShift SelectShift 6-speed automatic* delivers high-torque performance and dependability. Big, strong gears easily handle the heavy torque demands of the turbo diesel and gas engines. Fewer rpm are required because the torque converter locks up at lower speeds. And designed into the transmission are SelectShift and Tow/Haul features. SelectShift has two modes: Progressive Range Select that limits the range of gears to lock out overdrive, plus Full Manual control. Tow/Haul selects the gear that minimizes gear hunting on uphills. On a downhill, it keeps the vehicle from upshifting and gaining speed, reducing reliance on brake pressure to slow down.

Class-Exclusive Adaptive Steering System

The class-exclusive* new Adaptive Steering System adjusts the steering ratio in response to vehicle speed. It adapts automatically to the driving situation, whether you're doing a low-speed maneuver like parking or backing up a trailer, or traveling at cruising speed on the highway. At lower speeds, the steering ratio increases, requiring fewer turns of the steering wheel — and less steering effort. At higher speeds, the steering ratio gradually decreases, effecting a steering feel that is firmer and more controlled.

Six Upfitter Switches

Available factory-installed auxiliary upfitter switches now total six (up from four). The system includes two 40-amp switches (ignition on or off) plus four 25-amp switches (ignition on). What's more, the switches with fuses and associated relays are integrated into the new overhead console/storage compartment. Upfitter switches are a convenient way to connect a variety of aftermarket accessories (such as a winch, lights, strobes, 2-way radio) to the vehicle's electrical system. They're factory-installed, so there's no need to cut into the truck's electrical system when installing accessories.

Quad-Beam Headlamps/Taillamps

It's a huge advantage that quad dual-beam halogen headlamps are a class-exclusive* standard feature on the 2017 Super Duty®. The upper and lower headlamps provide both low- and high-beam outputs, with the combined four low beams producing more light output than the high beams on previous Super Duty models. And the technology doesn't stop here. Super Duty goes even further by offering optional quad-beam LED headlamps/taillamps with their intense brightness, efficiency and durability.

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